Saturday, November 6, 2010

$5 art blowout!

Thought I'd offer up some various pieces I have laying around the studio for $5 usd each (+$2 s/h per shipment). Most of these are on 8-1/2 x 11 and are inked with copic multiliners & markers. Some are pieced together in photoshop. For any that are digitally finished I'll be glad to provide a print of the finished piece. I can send a raw scan of every piece if anyone needs them. Most of these were done at our weekly Sketch Charlotte meeting. (speaking of which, if you have something in mind that I don't have, I'll be glad to do them over one of our meetings, same price: $5!)

Let's pretend for a second people outside the US may want some of these pieces...heh. We can work out something.

I also have a supply of vol 3 (2009) and vol 4 (2010) Big Dog's Studio sketchbooks that can be custome sketched...$3 each/$5 with custom sketch.

For those interested in sketches or sketchbooks feel free to e-mail me:
gmail: BigDogsStudio

Here are a few of the pieces that are available (more to come!):

Rainbow Brite Extreme & Calvin & Hobbes pieces are SOLD...

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