Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'm making my sequential art debut this Summer with the same story appearing in two different anthologies. The first anthology to see print will be the Sketch Charlotte FCBD Anthology, which I'm also editing. It's a collection of original stories from local creators from the Charlotte, NC area. It's going to end up being about 40 pages and will be available on a very limited basis to a few shops in the Charlotte area. I'll be sketching at Borderlands in Greenvile, SC for FCBD (Sat May 7th) with good buddy and Sketchbook partner Terence Hoskins, so I'm sure I'll have a small stash with me there!
The second one will be for the yearly convention anthology that the guys over at the Dollar Bin put together, the theme was buried treasure. I actually created this story for that anthology and then adjusted the art to fit SC's size requirements.
This almost gave the story a different feel based on layout alone. It's interesting to see the two together, so I thought I'd post both here to not only tease both anthologies, but to show you how different two anthology books can be.

Top: the Dollar Bin piece; bottom: the Sketch Charlotte piece

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