Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shazam! / The Mighty Isis

If you spend some time digging through any decent pile of crumbling, yellowed 3 for a $1.00 comics, chances are you might stumble across a few issues of DC's attempt to reboot Captain Marvel with it's 70's title SHAZAM! They're interesting comics, throwbacks to the Golden Age that never really find their place in a far less innocent America. Even going as far as employing C.C. Beck in the first ten issues, the comics pretty much just ape the style and substance of the 1940's Captain Marvel line except now they've drawn guys with long hair and fu manchus in the background. I, of course, find this endlessly entertaining.

The Mighty Isis had her start as a backup to a live action SHAZAM! television show in the mid-seventies. I actually have a foggy memory of watching her show as a very small dude. Anyway, that spun off into a short lived comic and then I think she was all but forgotten until fairly recently when, (or so the internet suggests to me), she has had a revival of some kind. At any rate, I chose mostly to make fun of the classic comics tendency to give a character some kind of exotic origin and then just represent them as boring white people.

Both of these sketches are available for purchase for just $5.00 each. Email me at hank@ohthehumanatee if interested.

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