Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Heroes FCBD 2012 mini wrap up…

I had a great time with some really talented and generous people this past weekend. I've always had fun at FCBD no matter which side of the artist's table I've been on…and this weekend was no exception! I shared table space with my fellow Sketch Charlotte cronies Herc Petmezas and Bridgit Scheide at Heroes Aren't Hard to Find in Charlotte, NC. Going in I felt a bit overwhelmed by being a guest at my LCS, but I hit the ground running and my table mates and the staff at Heroes made me feel right at home. I had an absolute blast drawing for everyone! Here are some pics from the event taken by Heather Peagler and a pre-event shot from Rico Renzi.

Special Thanks to: Shelton Drum, Rico Renzi, Herc Petmezas, Bridgit Scheide, Heather Peagler, Janis Renzi & Izzy, Shelley Drum and the rest of the staff and artists who made this such an amazing event! Also, thanks to all the great parents who brought their kids out to have a good time, it really starts with you guys! :)

Catching up with Chris Brunner and Jason Latour before the big show...

Sketch Charlotte...sketching!

To my left...Herc Petmezas!

To my right...Bridgit Scheide! 

Sketching for the kids...

And even more sketching for the kids!

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