Monday, June 18, 2012

Jet-Pack Jenny Incentive Drawing

This one actually started out as practice, but ended up coming out really nicely. For those of you that have only read Factor of 01, The guy in the background is known as Skid-Mark, and is a leftover from the creation of Jet-Pack Jenny. He showed up in a four page story drawn by Andrew Franks, back over ten years ago, when we were both in college. He also had a cameo in Flight of the Virginia Dare, but I've never been able to do much with him.

I've got three more of these in the process right now. There's one finished that you haven't seen, just because it won't scan very well, so I'm coming along with these very nicely. After I finish the ones in the process, I'm going to be working on the cover image for the collected Factor of 01. There's still time to get in on getting an original drawing, original art from Factor of 01, just go over to Kickstarter and pledge to contribute to getting the book published. I've already made the goal, so any more pledged adds to the quality, page count, and/or print run for the book. I'm not keeping any of the contributions for myself, because that would just be wrong.

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