Friday, September 28, 2012

#DeskDoodle - week 4

This was our biggest week yet! Managed to land quite a few at this week's Sketch Charlotte meeting and a lil' begging didn't hurt either! ;)
This week's lineup (top to bottom): Brandon Padgett (me), Terence Hoskins, me, Mark Godby, Terence, me, Henry Eudy, me, Collette Kling, Collette, Henry, Henry, Joseph Mitchell Jr, Stan Ford, Stan, Henry, Herc Petmezas

Each week I'll be posting new #deskdoodles to instagram, twitter and tumblr with the hashtag: #deskdoodle If you'd like to join in, just gmail me (BigDogsStudio) your deskdoodle and I'll get them loaded!

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