Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I'm not the one to pimp books, but this is one I believe in. LOOSE ENDS #1 (of 4) comes out tomorrow from 12 Gauge Comics (Diamond order code is MAY11122). Loose Ends is a creator-owned Southern Crime Romance comic from writer Jason Latour and artists Chris Brunner & Rico Renzi. They just all happen to be from Charlotte, so there's another reason why I'm pushing. But if you've seen any of the art from this or were lucky enough to read the ashcan or FCBD offering then you know exactly why I'm posting this. The early reviews from critics and pros alike have been fantastic (see CBR, twitter & devART) And having seen it in various stages of completion, I have to say I agree with them 100%.

Do me a favor. Now I'm not asking you to blindly drop $4 for something you've never seen. All I'm asking is that the next time you're at your LCS, pick it up and just flip through it. In today's landscape of convoluted crossovers it'll be nice having something fresh and original. You can thank me later. :)

And if by chance you live in the greater Charlotte area, there's a release party at Heroes Aren't Hard to Find with an 11 x 17 incentive print (see below) with the purchase of LOOSE ENDS #1! The guys will be there from noon-2:00 pm and again at 5-8:00 pm on Wednesday the 13th.


Brandon Padgett said...

Great review over at CBR:

Daily Blam review:

3 Chicks Podcast review:

Robot 6 Interview with Jason Latour:

Brandon Padgett said...

Heroes now has a package of the first issue (both covers) and the incentive print, signed by all three guys for $20 (while supplies last)...the print is worth that!