Monday, July 25, 2011

New Topic: Small Press Creators!

Shifting gears from the previous topics, this one is aimed at the unsung heroes of comics: the small press creators! To get the ball rolling here are three pieces I had in the hopper...

- Chris Schweizer's Crogan Adventures
Chris has created something truly unique and quite magical. Each book focuses on a member of the Crogan family and their historical place in the Cragan Adventures. The art is whimsical and the action is breathtaking..I cannot recommend this highly enough! If you have kids, are a kid at heart or if you're a fan of historical action this series is well worth your time!

This piece is a warm up study I did of the main character from the first volume: Crogan's Vengeance - Catfoot Crogan

- Andy Runton's Owly
What could I possibly say about Owly (and Andy) that hasn't already been said? An amazing, well executed premise that is heart warming and simply loads of fun!

- Troy Hasbrouck & Jester Press' Night
This piece is a pin up I did for one of Troy's convention books from a few years ago. Night is the brainchild of local creator/LCS (Rebel Base Comics & Toys) owner Troy Hasbrouck. It's an action packed comic that boasts not only vampires & werewolves but zombies and even minotaurs!

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