Thursday, August 18, 2011

Small Press Creators: Duane Ballenger

To know Duane is to love Duane. It really is that simple. He's one of those WAP guys who just can't help being good people. He produces some of the funniest mini comics this side of the Atlantic. And his shirts are legendary even if they rarely come in "big boy" sizes! ;)

This drawing is a direct rip off of one of his shirts that I'm waiting to get in a big boy size at hopefully the next Heroes Con. It's a small snapshot of his work, yet speaks volumes of his sense of humor.

Hard to track down on the interwebs, Duane can be found at local cons throughout the Carolinas. Do yourself a favor and stop by his table at the next show. Buy a few minis, get a shirt or two and talk comics with one of the good guys!


Duane Ballenger said...

Aw thanks so much Big Dogs! Ya'll are the coolest! Loves ya....Duane Ballenger

fletcher said...

Duane's comics are not only funny but groundbreaking. He needs to do more.