Thursday, September 1, 2011

Small Press Creators: Rich Barrett's Nathan Sorry

I'm afraid I'm a touch late in contributing to the Small Press Creators sketch topic here at BDS but, with a vacation now over and several small projects done with, I'm pleased to have had some small amount of time to post up a quick illustration of Nathan Sorry, inspired from a flashback sequence in Rich Barrett's graphic novel/webcomic of the same name ( ). I really like and admire Rich's comic, perhaps more than any other by a local creator. Nathan Sorry is so smart and well-constructed that it is always a delight to read. Rich makes a beautiful brushline that is personable and descriptive without being fussy or overdone. He's really learning how to draw a hell of a beard too. If I had stars or thumbs or whatever to give out, I'd give Nathan Sorry as many as I had on hand. For real, you should give it a read. After all, you only live once.    


JamesH said...

It took me a moment to recognize what the background is referring to, excellent choice. Nice use of space as well.

Nathan Sorry is an excellent comic. Props to that.

Henry Eudy said...

Thanks! Yeah, Rich had suggested a Rothko type abstract painting behind Nathan in the party scene and I kinda just wanted to recreate that with some color. Plus I made him extra sorry looking for fun.

Brandon Padgett said...

Leave it to Henry to breathe some life back into this place! Welcome back broheim...great choice of subject matter and execution!