Friday, December 9, 2011

Let's Get Dangerous!

This is a piece I was commissioned for a few months back. They wanted a Darkwing Duck/Captain Carrot team up. As the thumbnail stage progressed I started adding characters. Pretty soon I was up to my ears in cartoon characters!The left piece is a bad scan of the pencils and the right side is the finished piece inked beautifully by my incredibly talented friend Henry Eudy! The guy waited a while for it, so I figured why not take it up a notch with Henry's inks? It was so worth the wait! If you haven't seen Henry's work you really owe it to yourself to spend all day looking at all those wonderful little lines he conjurs, not to mention the sense of humor and storytelling ability he notch!I hope you enjoy this 1/2 as much as I do! :)

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