Friday, August 31, 2012


I'm pretty sure we all doodle/sketch/draw at some point during the day no matter where you are. I thought it may be a good idea (and exercise) to do something and post it daily. I'm not talking about a finished piece, just something quick. It can be just about anything, let your imagination be your guide. This could be a good excuse for all of us to try new methods and tools! Another benefit, there's no pressure to submit every day, just do it when you have something you want to share. 

If this takes off like I hope, I'll create a dedicated tumblr site, but as for now I'd like to keep it to the Big Dog blog/tumblr sites. I'll submit them all to twitter, instagram and tumblr with the #deskdoodle hashtag. And then I'll group post them over here 1-2 a week.

FYI: everything I have is: BigDogsStudio - twitter, gmail, instagram, tumblr, google + etc...
If you'd like to participate you can g-mail me (BigDogsStudio) the pics and I can then import through instagram into twitter and tumblr. I'm still new at this mass/cross pollinated social media stuff so if there's a better mousetrap please let me know!

All that I ask is keep it relatively clean...PG-13 please! I'll throw the blanket statement out to cover most things...I reserve the right to post what I feel appropriate to the blog.

All that said, here's the very first #deskdoodle:

#deskdoodle: 08/31/12 - Brandon Padgett - Galactus themed sundial...

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