Friday, March 18, 2011

Lunch Sketch - Demona (colors by Rico!)

Did this as a quick warm up the other day at lunch. I'd seen Eric Canete's Demona commission a few weeks earlier and that image crawled into my head and nested!
Well, it sat around a week or two unsure of its final destination. So I stuck it in my satchel and pretty much forgot about it. After all it's just a sketch I did for fun, similar to what I'll be doing on the backs of our upcoming sketchbooks.
So I came across it at last night's Sketch Charlotte and I asked the uber talented Rico Renzi if he'd do me the honor of putting some colors to it. That guy colors all day long (and I'm pretty sure in his sleep too) so there's no harm in asking him to color something else in his spare time is there? Okay so I'm inconsiderate, but if I hadn't asked this would have never seen the light of day! (THANKS RICO!) He came late so he didn't have his normal cache of color, so he borrowed a few pens from Henry Eudy & me to crank out this beauty. Hope you like it 1/2 as much as I do!

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