Saturday, June 25, 2011

Alan Morre Creations: Veni Vidi Vicious

I was certainly very enthused when I saw our latest sketch topic was to be Alan Moore creations. Moore's work is fundamental to both the person I am as a comics reader and also, just as a person. Maybe nothing effected me more as a youngin' than reading "V for Vendetta" when I was a high school junior. Never in my life had I felt more oppressed, more frustrated with authority and society, and "V" was the perfect outlet for all my angst. This comic actually did expand my mind (as dumb and hippy-dippy as that might sound) and broadened my concept of what comics as legitimate literature could be.

So, anyway, hyperbole aside, this is my sketch of V with a handy dandy Rolling Stones quote to match. Brush pen on 6x9 sketchbook paper. Like all the other drawings I'm posting here, can be bought for $5.00, contact me at if interested.

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