Friday, January 21, 2011

Sketchercise - Music related art: Roy Orbison!

Not sure if that's exactly what Seth chose for the topic, but that's the direction I was going! I decided to go with one of the bigger musical influences of my childhood: the Voice...the incomparable Roy Orbison! This was taken from the album cover art for his triumphant comeback "MYSTERY GIRL." For most people growing up it was the Beatles, Stones or Elvis...but in our house Orbison resonated the years of my childhood. The most amazing thing about it, no matter what age, what time period, his stuff holds up remarkably well!
This is part one of a 3-4 part process. This is the raw inks over my pencils. The next step is to clean it up a bit and add gray tones. And last, I'm going to add some white acrylic splatter to give it some atmosphere. I'll post each piece as they're complete. Hope you like, go listen to some Orbison! :)

Part 1.5
I scanned in the drawing at 300 dpi and took it into Photoshop (CS2). I then proceeded to bump the contrast levels up to get a darker, more solid black. After that I went in and removed the areas I didn't like. Specifically the hands/wrists. I tend to do a bit of contour drawing when I do hands and in this instance it wasn't a good thing. I want the drawing to balance out, and the simplicity of the face was being overwhelmed by the rendering of the hands & writs. I'll print this out and draw in the fixes over the weekend. (stay tuned!)

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