Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What should I draw?

We started prep for the 5th volume of the Big Dog's Studio Presents Sketchbook this week! As mentioned earlier, we've added Henry "Oh the Humanatee" Eudy to the mix and this one promises to be the best and biggest one yet!

Here's where you come in...I hope! I've decided to start doing 20 minute sketches over my lunch break 2-3 times a week. Problem is, I always draw the same things! I was hoping for some creative suggestions to get me back on the sketching saddle...or even better yet, ideas for the book itself! If your suggestion leads to a sketchbook piece you'll get a free sketched copy of the 2011 version* (debuting at the 2011 Heroes Con)! You can post your suggestions here or fire me a gmail: BigDogsStudio. The more creative and unique the better, just please keep 'em clean!

*to be picked up at the show or mailed inside the continental US.

*edit - this post looked way too empty without a's a headshot and subsequent marker study I did of Swamp Thing at last week's Sketch Charlotte. Had an Art Adams drawing of ol' Swampy out on the table for reference, inspiration and and intimidation! :)

edit - quick sketch of Brave & the Bold Aquaman...all I had was a super-thick brush pen, so forgive the thickness please! Had fun with this one...I have plans for this style! Thanks B!


Brian said...

With all the comic book movies you could do something featuring those characters. (Thor, Cap, Green Hornet, Green Lantern, Transformers, etc)

Another media theme could be comic or comic styled characters that are on TV. (Batman B&TB, Young Justice, Avengers, the Cape, etc)

You could do a tribute page to comic characters that died since the last sketchbook.


Brandon Padgett said...

Boobs is def on the else are we going to move these things!? ;)

Great call on the cartoons B - Aquaman from Brave & the Bold is in my cross-hairs!

Thanks! :)