Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sketchercise - Music related art: Roy Orbison - part 4

Took a week to get through all the steps, scanning and posts, but here it is! I haven't worked like this in awhile. I used to use Photoshop a lot more than I do now,
but I find that the drawings lose some of their life and personality when manipulated digitally. Besides, whatever commission I've gotten havre called for the entire
process to be done on one sheet, so I didn't have the luxury of using Photoshop to help make up for my many imperfections!

I did some light touch ups around the hands and on his hair. I then added the gradient in two steps using all of the markers I have 10% - 90%. Not quite as good as I'd hoped or practiced, but I gotta
keep moving! I also added some greys to his glasses to help build the contrats for the piece (30% & 50% cool greys). I actually liked how that turned out!

step 3.0

I scanned it in this morning at 400 dpi and tweaked the brightness/contrast ever so slightly so as to not disprupt the gradients. I then went in with a burn tool and darkened everything up equally. I trimmed the edges arond the piece and there you have it!

step 3.5 - the final!

For the few who actually stayed with me or this I really appreciate it and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

See you next time!


Henry said...

Dang Brandon, this looks so great!! I'm glad I did check in to see the finished piece.

Brandon Padgett said...

Thanks man! :)