Friday, January 28, 2011

Muppet Secret Invasion!

I've had this comic for quite some time. I never could think of a neat enough idea to do it justice. It's for a good friend afterall, so I wanted it to be nice!

These sketch covers are something else...I feel like I have to wrestle it just to take ink! It looks like Marvel and all the other publishers would just print on standard bristol stock...y'know what comics are usually drawn on?! But no, these things are quite slick! That being said, I decided to just leave the pencile in for the background. I was afraid it would smudge all over, so there you go.

It's always daunting staring at a blank sheet of paper, let alone a sketch cover! Not like you can throw it away and grab a new one if/when you mess up! You just have to push through and finish. (sounds like I'm bracing you guys for a crappy cover huh?)

I typically draw out what I want to do first and then transpose it over to the sketch cover. That's how I did this one at last night's Sketch Charlotte meeting.

So here's the one I did for my buddy Brian Eison of the Dollar Bin. I hope you like it! :)

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Brian said...

Good job and thanks!